Mosaic Capital Partners Slated to Speak at Employee Ownership Conference

March 16, 2018

According to the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), employee-owned companies are more productive, create more jobs, and often unlock the problem-solving creativity of their work forces. The U.S. presently has more than 6,000 employee ownership companies that employ at least 10 million people. These companies grow 2.5% per year faster than they would have without employee ownership, and research released by the NCEO in 2017 shows that employee-owners have 92% greater net household wealth and 33% greater income form wages than non-employee-owners. Companies choose employee ownership as a tax-favored means of business transition, as well as a way to engage employees.

At Mosaic, we have watched this theory proven true through our ESOP-owned portfolio companies. So why aren’t more companies selling to an ESOP? The number of ESOPs has not wavered much over the last 10 years, and Mosaic is ready to challenge this stagnation.

More than 1,700 people will gather this April for the NCEO’s Annual Employee Ownership Conference. Mosaic Managing Partner Steve Buchanan and The Democracy Collaborative’s Jessica Rose will be speaking at the conference, asking attendees why there aren’t more ESOPs.

Highlights of the session include:

  1. Discussing the significant tailwinds outside of the ESOP community pushing for employee ownership
  2. How ESOPs directly address the issues of wealth and income inequalities
  3. Why a private equity structured ESOP bridges the gap between the M&A market and existing ESOP community.


About National Center for Employee Ownership (“NCEO”)
The NCEO is a self-sustaining nonprofit membership organization that provides practical resources and objective, reliable information on ESOPs, equity compensation plans, and ownership culture. Learn more about employee ownership from the NCEO ( or our informational Web site

About Mosaic Capital Partners, LLC
Mosaic Capital Partners, LLC (“Mosaic”) is a $164 million private equity fund focused on lower middle market ESOP leveraged buyouts. The principals of Mosaic have substantial experience executing leveraged buyouts in the lower middle market, specifically businesses with $10 million to $100 million in revenue and have a unique expertise in ESOP leveraged buyouts, having executed over 100 ESOP transactions. Mosaic has offices in the Midwest and East Coast and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Mosaic aims to help business owners achieve liquidity, wealth transfer and ownership transition goals by offering capital and strategic guidance.


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